Bergeralm Children’s Ski World

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In fact I won’t give away too much – the best thing is to come to the Bergeralm Children’s Ski World and see for yourselves!

Just right for our youngest winter sports enthusiasts!

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Hello my friend!

Are you looking for excitement, action and variety?
Yes – then you will find our programme exciting. In the Children’s Ski World you can try your first attempts at skiing and boarding together with other kids. You will completely forget the time when you’re having fun practising and you will have all kinds of adventures.

As for your Mum and Dad – oh, you have already forgotten about them – they will have a fun day skiing too! Then in the afternoon it’s back to the hotel– you will certainly have plenty to talk about and will be looking forward to the next day’s adventure.

Made for kids! Sheer activity is waiting for you on the Bergeralm.

You will love the cool Children’s Ski World right behind the High Tower double chairlift. Together with the separate children’s ski-run you will also find a mega magic carpet and a ski carousel.

Whether you are skiing or snowboarding – fun & action are always guaranteed!